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Santa Fe, NM 7/3-4th/2014

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Trip from Slowlow, AZ  to Santa Fe, NM

We left Slowlow, AZ in White Mountains on the morning of 7/3 to head for Santa Fe, NM.

We were really impressed by the New Mexico mountain rock formations!

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Santa Fe Visit

After we arrived in Santa Fe, we contacted our friends, Ian and Marshay Artig, to finalize plans for dinner. They used to live in our community in Vail, AZ and belonged to the Liberated Minds Group there. They moved to Santa Fe last year because they couldn’t stand the summer heat.

We eat and conversed at The Ranch. This was a wonderful restaurant! It had excellent food with great decor. Milly has a pulled meat combo plate and I has an outstanding full plate of baby back ribs. These ribs had more meat on them that I have ever experienced. Great meal and even better conversation.

We stayed at the Santa Fe Skies RV Park, high in the foothills overlooking the city. We were told to be sure to attend  the  Annual Pancakes on the Plaza, Santa Fe’s favorite July 4th event!  When Ian also mentioned they planned to go for the pancakes, we made arrangements to meet them there.

You could say the Pancake Event was a zoo. There were three lines of people winding all around waiting to get there breakfast. People were all over the place eating. The lines moved quickly. The food was surprisingly good – pancakes, ham, strawberries, juice and coffee for a $8 contribution.

When we met friends of Ian’s and Marshay, they invited us to the annual 4th party at Fred’s House. We went. It took a while to warm up to the party and meet people. We had good conversations. The people were musicians and artists most of whom were our age.

That night, we watched multiple sets of fireworks from our camper site overlooking the city. We couldn’t hear the bangs and the view from afar wasn’t the same as being at the actual fireworks display.

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