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Prince Rupert – Next Stop Alaska 06/03/2009

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

We left Jasper area on June 1st on way to Prince Rupert. We stopped in Prince George for the night at a Walmart. We got oil changed for the car before continuing. We arrived in Price Rupert on June 2nd. We depart on ferry for Ketchikan on 10:15 am. It is a 5-6 hour trip.

The scenery from Smithers to Prince Rupert was outstanding as the coastal mountains appeared and we wound our way through the passes to reach our destination.

We planned to spent at least part of day in Prince Rupert kayaking. We took a drive aroundall the roads in Prince Rupert area in search of a good place to Kayak. We didn’t find a good put-in that interested us. We visited Port Edward and Richey Island. We ended up hiking Dianne Creek. It was an interesting hike. It was almost like seeing in a rain forest. The cool water rushing by in the river creek caused moments of coolness in the heat of the day. We saw an occasional red wood tree and a black Blue bird(?). We also forgot our camera. We are wondering if all we have seen will dull our Alaska experience.

Prince Rupert was larger than we expected. Our campground for two nights was right up the street from the ferry. Our site was quiet and shaded with a lot of privacy. The ferry station was empty of people, workers or anything else the first two times we visited. There is nothing else there except the BC ferry. It seems that the people work when the ferry is coming or leaving. This morning, we met a man who had worked all night and was closing the ferry station for the day at 10 am in morning! He did tell us all we needed to know.

We arrive in Alaska tomorrow! Looking forward to ferry.

Jasper Hikes 05/31/2009

Monday, June 1st, 2009

We started morning intending to kayak at Pyramid Lake in the hills above Jasper Village. We stopped at Pyramid Island and found that the views there were the same as would be found paddling. It was also a bit windy so we chucked the paddle and added another hike.

We first hiked around Cottonwood Slough. We saw many ducks and geese in the mashes and small ponds there. From there we visited the Fairmont Jasper Lodge on Lake Beauvert – a great Golf Vacation destination. Then, we hiked up Maligne Canyon.

We had planned to go up the Tram to the mountain top for the view. We decided to call it a day. We got an ice cream in the village instead.

Jasper is an outstanding vacation location in summer or winter. The number of hiking trails available is incredible. The variety of these hikes was quite diverse. Taking the snow train from Edmonton to Jasper seems like a great Winter getway!

Our Verizon Broadband access finally stopped working when we got to Lake Louise. We don’t know why the 1st day it was okay in Lake Louise and then it started telling us that their modem had a problem.

My wireless connection was also not working. Somehow I turned off the wireless switch and I couldn’t get it turned back on. This happened when I allowed Verizon to manage both broadband and WIFI connections and I manually disabled WIFI radio. I couldn’t reverse this. Last night, I spent several hours trying to get the wireless switch turned back on. I couldn’t find any help on this that really helped. I finally used a Dell utility that somehow did the trick. I don’t understand how it did it. I now have wireless WIFI connections back when I am in are with free WIFI. I did delete my Verizon Broadband software and will re-install later tonight. Hopefully, there will be no issues.