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Oregon – Waldo Lake & Crater Lake 09/07-15/2009

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

We arrived in Eugene, Oregon for our appointment to get our “Camper” fixed. We did get about half of our “Camper” issues fixed at a Trailmanor RV dealer in Eugene. Unfortuately, they created new problems for us. In trying to adjust the camper’s up/down alighment, they made the situation much worse. We will have to stop at the factory in Tennessee on our way home.

We also got into a traffic accident in downtown Eugene without the camper. We were changing lanes and the car in our”blind spot” hit us in the side damaging both doors. No one was hurt but other car had to be towed. We may wait to get the damaged fixed until we get home since it will take 10 days in the repair shop to get it fixed.

We kayaked in a big lake outside of Eugene while our “camper” was being fixed. We met a man who told us about this great lake for kayaking – Waldo Lake. We went to Waldo Lake National Park about an hour’s drive east of Eugine and stayed 3 nights. The kayaking was very, very good. The lake water was crystal clear. There were many little coves to review the rocky shore. We went swimming for the 1st time this summer ( not counting hot springs). The weather was great!

Waldo Lake area has many, many trails to hike or bike. It seemed that most of the campers were bikers.

Waldo Lake was one of the best places we have ever camped!

Crater Lake

We headed to Crater lake about 3 hours drive south of Waldo Lake. We stayed at the national forrest campground there for 2 nights. Crater Lake was formed after the volcanic Mazama Mountain collapsed. The magma holding it up had come to the surface with near by eruptions.

The road around Crater Lake is high on the mountain ridge with the lake about 700-1000 feet below on one side and a valley on the other side. It is an incredible drive that often had Fred’s knuckles white. The second day we were there, we climbed down to the lake and took a boat tour of lake. It was great fun to see the lake from above and then look up from the lake at all the various rock formations.

The nights at Crater lake were cold – about 37 degrees. We decided that we would keep out of the mountains at night wherever we could until we get back home.

We are driving today to the National Redwood Forrest in Northern California.

Newport, Oregon Labor Day, 2009

Monday, September 7th, 2009

We arrived at the Oregon Coast at Beachside State Campground on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend after visiting St. Helens Visitor Center in Washington. The campground is right on the ocean about 10 miles south of Newport.

The noise of the ocean waves and wind is exceptional. When we put our generator on, our neighbors can’t hear it.

We visited a historic lighthouse and several beaches along the coast.

Today, we are going to Eugene for camper repairs tomorrow.

The amount of traffic and the hustle bustle of continental USA is very noticeable to us after being in northwest Canada and Alaska for so long.