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Our Alaska Journey (2009) postings showed photos in slideshow segments inserted into the postings.

Unfortunately, these slideshows do not work on certain Apple products that do not support Adobe Flash.

Our more recent posting use a technique of listing thumbnail photos of all photos in Album Slideshow.

If you click on any thumbnail photo it brings up a larger version of that photo. From there you can download the photo, get next or previous photo in photo album. In effect, the viewer can manually go through a “slideshow”.


Adobe Flash Issue

On our Alaska Trip, we started using Picasa for storing photos, editing and album creation.

We inserted slides shows of trip segments in our journal blog entries posted every several days.

We were very happy with this process.

It seems that these slideshows were using Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is not supported on some Apple products which included IPADs and IPhones.


Slideshows – “Picasa and Google Plus Express” Plugin

No straight forward display of slideshows was found that would work on IPADS and “normal” devices.

There were a number of WordPress Plugins that present alternatives that allow some form of slideshow to be presented using Picasa based photos. I selected the above plugin.


IPAD and IPHONE Issues

We did not realize that these sides shows do not show up for users of IPAD and IPHONE mobile devices.

It seems that these Picasa Web Albums used Adobe Flash to display the slideshows.  Steve Jobs refused to support the use of Adobe Flash in some of Apple products which included the IPAD and IPHONE products.

When Fred discovered this issue several years ago, he searched for a solution and found none.

Google + confuses Situation

Google introduced Google + as their social networking platform. Part of that offering was Google + Photo’s which was a replacement for Picasa Web Albums. In this transition away from Picasa Web Albums, they left the customer “stranded” as these high tech companies often do by not including functionality previously provided. A back end way on including the slideshows was found but the use of flash and no other means slideshow presentation is found.


No other automated slideshow seems available in WordPress, Picasa, Google + Photo environment.

Thank you Corporate America


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