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Athens/Acropolis/Pantheon -10/13/2014

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Athens & Acropolis

We toured through Athens to reach the Acropolis Museum. This museum was built over the ruins of earlier civilizations. The ruins of these could be seen through glass floors of the museum. Significant number of artifacts were being preserved by being out of the weather. It was pointed out that many other artifacts had been taken to other museums around the world. Many were replaced by reconstructed pieces.

We walked from the museum up to the Acropolis and the Pantheon. The hike up was worth it. Each year more and more reconstruction takes place. People who had been there before commented on how much had been done since they had been there.

We were reminded that St Paul preached to the Athenians here at the Acropolis. Fr. Eric was asked to repeat St Paul’s spreech form a high stone perch above us that overlooked the ancient marketplace.

We were exhausted by the time we got back to the cruise ship. However, the ruins we saw at the Acropolis were impressive. You really got the feel of the ancient pagan culture.  Once again, we were reminded that money made by vendors and business people selling pagan images was a major cause of trouble for St Paul. Seeing the extent of ancient statues and pagan belief system brought with it new insights into the conflicts and difficulties faced by early Christians in spreading the Faith.




Beach along Athens waterfront


One of Athen's Olmpic Stadiums


Fr Eric performed St Paul's address to Athenians from Acropolis


Acropolis Theater

P1040483.JPG P1040502.JPG

Ruins underneath Acropolis Museum


View of Acropolis & Panathion from Museum


Acropolis Museum


Agora Marketplace from Acropolis




The Erechtheion

P1040491.JPG P1040492.JPG P1040496.JPG P1040497.JPG P1040498.JPG

Old City of Athens




Mediterranean Cruise – Santorini Greece – 10/8/2014

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

We left on our Mediterranean Cruise on Monday Oct 6th. We took a train from tome to the port of Rome. We got on Board about 1 pm. We the Celebrity Reflection cruise ship departed at 5 pm. The ship is absolutely gorgeous. It holds 3,000 guests. It is only 3 years old. It isn’t noisy at all. The food has been very good. The entertainment has been outstanding. We have seen three shows already.

The Catholic ANswers hadds a daily Mass to our agenda. When we are at sea we all meet from 10-noonand 2-3 Pm for lcctures. We have had 4 lectures so far from 4 different speakers. Three of the 4 have been very good. The best being on Dante’d Divine Comedy. Fred downloaded a copy after hearing the lecture!


We had take a tender from the ship to shore in rather rough waters. The islands in this group were created by a volcanic  explosion . The island of Santorini is about 20 miles long but sits on high cliffs overlooking the ocean. We did take a bus up a switch back road at the new port. We got back to the ship from the old port where cable car took us down. The other option was to take a donkey down.

The capital of the island is Fira, high above the old port. The village of Oia at the other end of the island is really very very quaint. The richest people on Greece live there. After going the a local winery for wine tasting, we walked around both Oia and Fira.

We stopped for greek coffee in a restaurant high above the ocean and the streets of Oia. It was wonderful.

We are now at sea and will dock in Istanbul, Turkey on Friday morning.


Milly gets ready to board Celebrity Reflection in Rome port


Rough sea makes getting on and off tender a little difficult in Santorini

P1030901.JPG P1030906.JPG P1030907.JPG

Santorini Winery


At Winery above harbor port - our ship is to right of Milly's arm


Village of Olio

P1030950.JPG P1030966.JPG P1030967.JPG P1030968.JPG P1030969.JPG P1030975.JPG P1030980.JPG P1030982.JPG P1030983.JPG P1030984.JPG P1030985.JPG P1030986.JPG P1030987.JPG P1030988.JPG P1030994.JPG P1030998.JPG P1030999.JPG P1040004.JPG

Fred and Milly waiting for Grrek coffee on rooftop restaurant in Oia, Santorini

P1040009.JPG P1040010.JPG

Our Santorini guide gives us final instructions in Firo


our cruise ship ankored in the bay at Santorini


Entrance to Greek Orthodox Church in Firo


Donkeys used in vineyards and to take people up and down to ports


Getting ready to board Cable car in Firo


Fred quickly takes seat with back to downward view


Homes for initially poor seaman built into cliffs at Fira


Cable car with 6 cabs goes up and down cliff top village of Fira from old port