Prado Museum – Madrid Opera House – 10/24/2014

Milly and Fred were given directions and a bus ticket to visit the Prado Museum in the heart of the city. We asked to bus driver to signal us when we got the the museum stop. He signalled us to head in a certain direction after we left the bus.

There is a huge, huge park that is adjacent to the Prado. (Retiro Park?) We went into the park going in the direction of the Prado. Somehow we got lost. First, we had got off one stop too early. We ended up on the wrong side of the park due to our own “wrong” look at map and the IPAD GPS wasn’t working because of all the trees (?). We decided to walk the periphery of park to keep our bearings. It was a long walk. We found the Prado and had lunch at Prado Cafe before taking our tour of the masterpieces and other artwork.

We managed to see most of the Prado in our 3 hours there. We saw paintings by Rembrandt, Goya, Rubin, & many other famous artists. All the art was good, some were special. We were very tired when we went “home”. Fred took a nap. Milly found out that our tickets for the Opera House where for a special singing performance of various Opera Songs.

Milly and Joan went to the Opera House to hear the performance which they reported as very good. Fred slept soem more and thought he could catch a Netflix Movie. He found out that Netflix doesn’t work in Europe!


On way to Prado Museum, we got off bus at Independence Plaza


We entered a hug park there, Retiro Park

P1050469.JPG P1050470.JPG P1050471.JPG P1050472.JPG P1050473.JPG P1050474.JPG P1050475.JPG

The park was beautiful but we got lost a little

P1050477.JPG P1050478.JPG P1050479.JPG

Back of Prado Museum


Front Ticket Sales area of Prado


Statue of Goya greeted us as we exited the Prado Museum


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