Visit to Finca – Country House near Madrid 10/25-26/2014

We are staying with Milly’s sister Joan, her daughter Carolyn and her husband Carlos. We were joined on Sunday by Carlos’s niece, Christina.

On Friday night, Carlos and Carolyn returned to Madrid from a trip to Orvieto and the Spanish equivalent to the Nobel Prizes. While there, Carlos was able to introduce Carolyn to the King, Queen, Queen Mother and many of Spain’s who’s who.

On Saturday morning, the Fulton Villa’s and Dunfey’s headed for their country home Finca. It is about an hour and a half drive from their home in Spain. We stopped for breakfast about half way.

What Milly and I expected was quite different than what we found when we arrived at the finca. We knew it was in the mountains with many hiking trails etc. We knew that they had finally built a home there on the property that they bought years ago.

Their home there is located on about 400 acres. It is bounded on one side by a river in the valley. Their home sits perched on a hilltop surrounded by lush trees of all variety with trails and roads meandering to all sections of their property.

Their home is the work of their lives. They planned it for years and have made it a reality. Quite frankly, Fred says it is the most lavish home he has ever stayed in or visited. It is spacious and yet livable. We were completely shocked by the the difference in our expectation and what we found. Milly and I also loved it here. The views in all directions are magnificent!

They have hired a husband and wife as caretakers to guard their place, keep it ship shape and service their needs. Their caretakers live in a really nice two bedroom apartment building off the front courtyard.

This finca appears to be an evolving business venture as well as a home. They harvest their cork and olive trees, produce their own honey, oregano, vegetables and mushrooms, harvest eggs, etc. The woods are teaming with animals. Carlos talks about selling their Oak tree acorns to feed pigs. Who knows what the future will bring. They certainly keep busy there!

On Sunday, Fred and Carlos went into the local village for Mass at noon in a chapel there. It turned out that moving the clocks back an hour caused the church to move the mass to 1 Pm for the winter so Carlos and Fred had coffee at the village “bar” and ┬ádiscussed the issues of fatherhood in the church courtyard. The church was an old stone church, simple and magnificently spiritual. The Mass was attended by 40 people who filled the place with song. Fred found the church to be as inspiring as any he visited in Rome.

Finca Grounds and Views

When it came time to pick the olives, Fred was busy with another spanish tradition – the siesta.

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Inside the Finca Home

Their home is their Finca! They live here! It contains all their treasures and history. You find paintings and furniture from Martha’s Vineyard and from Carlos’s family ancestry. This is where they get away to enjoy life! The following are sample pictures of inside the Finca. Carlos and Joan want people to come visit to see their magnificent home. Pictures just don’t do it justice!

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