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Star Valley Pickleball Tournament – 7/31/2014

Friday, August 1st, 2014

We competed in the Star Valley Pickleball Tournament over the last 3 days. It was held at the Star Valley Ranch RV Resort.

Milly and Fred refereed for the women’s doubles matches on Tuesday. Milly also refereed for Men’s Matches on Thursday. Milly has decided she cannot compete in two straight tournament events because of the stress to her ankles.

The tournament was all round robin format where you played all teams with your bracket or pool.

On Wednesday, Milly and Fred lost their last match for the Gold Medal by a score of 15-14. They earned a silver medal in level 3.5 Mixed Doubles. They won 7 matches while losing one.

Fred and his partner from Thayne, WY (Art Bernhard) ended up with Bronze Medals in the 3.5 Men’s Doubles where only 3 points separated all the medal winners.  Fred and Art  gave the Gold medal winners their only loss.  They won 6 matches and lost two but one of those losses was by 15-14 score.

The all round robin tournament was interesting since everyone got to play the same number of matches.

Over 80 competitors played in this mid week tournament. It was fun and we made a lot of new friends.

Milly and I feel we are now playing better as a team.


Fred hits a serve on one of 4 "regulation" Pickleball Courts


Fred's Partner Art Bernhard


Fred and Art playing on one of 2 concrete courts


Fred get a Bronze medal from Pricilla Scott while Art waits his turn


Dale Brower and son from Garden City, Utah won Gold


Star Valley 3.5 Men's Medal winners!


Pricilla Scott concratulates Milly on getting her Silver Medal


Milly and Fred get 3.5 Mixed Silver

Star Valley 3.5 Mixed Medal Winners.JPG

Mixed 2.5 Silver medal winners


Art gets ready


Art and Fred play a match on concrete courts


Pricilla awards a bronze while Art looks on


Art gets his Bronze medal


3.5 Bronze medal wiiners


Silver Medals 3.5


Star Valley Ranch, WY – our “Home” from 7/13/2014 to 8/1/2014

Friday, July 18th, 2014

On Sunday night July 13th, we arrived at Star Valley Ranch RV Park. This is a lovely RV resort park nestled between mountains. It will be our home for the next 3 weeks until August 1st. When we leave here, we will spent quality time in Yellowstone and maybe Grand Tetons. We will visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks on our way back to our home inVail, AZ.

Start Valley Pickleball

Every morning from 9 – 11 am, between 20 to 40 players gather to play Pickleball. The Pickleball Club now numbers about 75 members. The Pickleball Club has raised the funds to finish off 4 Pickleball Courts on a former concrete tennis court. They plan to finish 4 more courts in the near future. This is an all volunteer effort by the members with support from the ranch management.

The quality of play is very good. They use a system of paddles lined up along the fence to determine who goes out next to play. Two Paddles grouped together indicate that these players are playing as a team. Each player  typically puts his first name on his paddle. The novice players usually avoid playing with the “team” players.


Our "Campsite" Star Valley Ranch, WY


View from in from of or campsite


view in other direction from campsite


Milly approaching pickleball courts


Pickleball courts


Pool in background

P1010136.JPG P1010138.JPG P1010140.JPG

there are 4 finished Pickleball courts plus 2 lined on concrete Tennis Court


Plans call for added 4 more permanent Pickleball Courts on concrete tennis court


Bill Scott waiting for his turn to play


Large Barn contains huge hall for socials, library, and a couple of small meeting rooms

Other Star Valley RV Park comments

We have joined a group to kayak on Mondays. They go to different places each week. We are excited about kayaking the rivers in the region.

Yesterday, we did take our Kayaks about 15 miles into Idaho to paddle the Palisades Reservoir. Again, everything here seems nestled in the mountains. Wonderful views all around!

Milly has been invited to go horseback riding in the mountains. I’ll pass on that.

This place is located about an hours drive from Jackson, WY. If you drive a little further, you are in Grand Tetons. Drive still further up the road and you are in Yellowstone National Park

This might just make a good place to spent summers! Day temperatures are in high 80’s and the nights are cool. The people live outside a lot so you meet them. There is an 18 hole executive golf course with free green’s fees to lot owners. I might get tempted to give it a try.

We are tempted to buy a RV lot here. Seems like a great place!


Milly Headed for Kayaks at Palisades Reservior, Idaho

P1010148.JPG P1010149.JPG

Free Campground 5 day max stay along Resevoir

P1010151.JPG P1010152.JPG P1010153.JPG P1010154.JPG P1010156.JPG P1010159.JPG P1010160.JPG P1010163.JPG

Little birds were flying in and out of thse holes

P1010171.JPG P1010173.JPG P1010174.JPG P1010175.JPG P1010176.JPG P1010177.JPG P1010178.JPG P1010180.JPG P1010181.JPG

Left on Western National Parks Trip 6/30/2014

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Show Low, AZ in White Mountains

Milly and I left Vail, AZ on the morning of June 29th heading for our 1st stop Show Low, AZ in the White Mountains.

We are staying at Fools Hollow Campground run by AZ State. Here are the pictures we took on the way to Show Low AZ:


Almost ready for Western National Parks Trip


Put stabilizers on in the street


North of Tucson near Oracle heading to Slow Low, Az

P1000112.JPG P1000116.JPG P1000119.JPG P1000122.JPG P1000131.JPG P1000136.JPG P1000139.JPG P1000141.JPG P1000142.JPG

Stop for lunch at top of a spectacular river canyon


View of switchback road through canyon from lunch view point

P1000145.JPG P1000146.JPG P1000147.JPG P1000151.JPG P1000152.JPG P1000153.JPG P1000154.JPG P1000157.JPG P1000158.JPG P1000159.JPG P1000164.JPG P1000167.JPG

Nearing Show Low


Fred checking email at Fools Hollow Campground


Pickleball and Kayaking at Lakeside-Pinetop 7/1/2014

After our arrival at Fools Hollow Campground in Show Low,  Bob and Barb Merow came over after supper. They are friends from Vail. They frequently stay in Lakeside-Pinetop near Show Low. They are new to Pickleball but invited us up to Show Low to show us the local Pickleball scene.

We played Pickleball the next morning starting with a group of A-level players at 7:30 AM in a Lakeside-Pinetop Gym. There were three quality courts. We were welcomed and introduced to their open play board signup rotation system. The Pickleball Club there in Lakeside-Pinetop had renovated an abandoned gym. The Gym was now used primarily just for Pickleball.

We had a good time playing Pickleball with players of various skill levels.

We went to lunch with a bunch of Pickleball players at a Taco “Palace” up the street from the gym. After lunch, we kayaked on Rainbow Lake with Bob and Barb. Then, we visited with several of Bob’s friends on the shores of Rainbow Lake.


Lively play on 3 inddoe courts in old Gym now dedicated to Pickleball


Tacos & Beer for lunch after morning Pickleball

P1000187.JPG P1000195.JPG P1000196.JPG P1000197.JPG P1000200.JPG

Barb at Lakeside-Pinetop Pickleball 1st morning


After lunch, we went kayaking on Rainbow lahe with Bob and Barb Merlow

P1000189.JPG P1000190.JPG P1000191.JPG P1000199.JPG P1000201.JPG

Kayaking at Show Low Lake 7/2/2014

On our last full day in Show Low, we went to Show Low Lake to Kayak. We met Bob and Barb there. They planned on taking their sailboat out for a spin.

Show Low Lake is a deep water lake. It is fairly large. It took us about an hour and a half to paddle around it. There are no homes on it. It is nestled in the pine forest.

When we unloaded the kayaks at the boat ramp, a fish and game truck loaded with rainbow trout  arrived. They dumped about 900 trout into the lake. These poor fish were clearly stunned by the processed of being flushed into the lake. We saw people in fishing boats scooping up some of the stunned fish with nets, We also saw a heron swoop down to snatch one of the newly arrived fish.


Bob Merow on his sail boat preLaunch at Show Low Lake


Fish and Game stocking Show Low Lake with 900 rainbow trout


Bob finally gets to boat ramp


We joined the sailors with our kayaks


Show Low Lake was beautiful!

P1000224.JPG P1000226.JPG P1000227.JPG P1000233.JPG P1000235.JPG P1000237.JPG P1000239.JPG P1000241.JPG P1000242.JPG P1000243.JPG P1000244.JPG P1000250.JPG P1000257.JPG

Bob, Barb , his brother and sister-in-law

P1000261.JPG P1000265.JPG

We stayed at the Fools Hollow Campground last year. We loved both our stays here. The camp sites are nicely set in the woods and rocky terrain with lots of privacy. There is a man made lake and “river” that almost surrounds the public beach and campsite areas affording many camp sites with excellent water views. On this trip, we spent most of our time appreciating what the local towns in the area had to offer for recreation.