Madrid Spain – St Cecilia Symphony Orchestra 10/23/2014

On Monday 10/22/2014, we took a high speed Ave train from Barcelona to Madrid. The train ride was super comfortable and smooth at speeds up to 299 k/hour. There was plenty of seating leg room and seating space. It was a real relaxing trip listening to soft classical music as the varieties of spanish landscapes passed by our windows. We were picked up at the train station by Milly’s sister Joan Fulton Villa. Joan and her  her family live in a charming barrio near the center city area. Joan and her husband Carlos as well as her daughter Caroline made us feel at home.  Joan’s other son, Jorge , recently  graduated from George Washington College and is now working in Mexico City while her other daughter, Paula, is finishing college in Boston. Joan and Carlos have lived in Spain and Geneva ever since they were married. This was out first opportunity to come visit them in Spain.

For the last two days, Joan has orchestrated ordering a wide variety of tapa dishes and entries at local spanish restaurants. We all took a short bus ride to Madrid center city. From there we took a walking tour of the plaza’s, shops and narrow passage ways. We passed by the Madrid Basilica, the Royal Palace and the Opera House before sitting down for late afternoon lunch.

After Fred took a late afternoon nap, Joan, Fred and Milly attended a wonderful Beethoven concert put on by the St Cecilia Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra is made up of college professors from Madrid area schools of music. They give about 60 concerts a year all over Spain. The huge and modern symphony hall was within walking distance of their home.


The Villa’s home is located in a quiet residential barrio but just a block or so away from a main street leading to the center of Madrid. Their home is relatively spacious with a beautiful patio court yard in back. A few pictures of their home are included at end to show off their quiet, comfortable setting near center city.

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