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Ephesus Ancient Ruins – 2014-10-12

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Mary’s House at Ephesus

We arrived in Ephesus to visit Mary’s House and walk the streets of ancient Ephesus where St Paul preached.

Catholics believe that Mary and St John lived their last days in the hills above Ephesus. Mary allegedly appeared to an invalid to reveal the location of her house at Ephesus. The archeologists unearthed Mary’s House at that location.


Departing ship in Ephesus (Kusadasi port)


At House of the Virgin Mary - outdoor Mass was underway


We went to another chapel for our english Mass


Mary's House in background


No pictures allowed inside Mary's house - here is altar view


Entering Mary's House


Hills around Ephesus


Turkish Lunch provided at Carpet Making Demonstration facility

P1040350.JPG P1040356.JPG

Sales Pitch for all sorts of carpets

Ancient Ruins at Ephesus

No one lives in Ephesus today. The area was abandoned because of earthquakes that frequent the area among other reasons.

This has meant the Archeologists have been able to unearth the whole city. The effort has been ongoing for over 100 years. They are about 20% finished. It is an active archeological site.

This was a marvelous place to visit! It was by far the most impressive site we have visited on this trip!

You can see how people shopped, entertained themselves, worshipped and studied. You can walk the marble streets where the horses and chariots roaming. You can see the covered “basilica” walk ways that people used.

There was no evidence of St Paul here and Mary for that matter. Ephesus was a huge pagan city until the time of Constantine. However, you can imagine St Paul preaching here and the lack of reception among the shop keepers as described in scripture.

The water delivery system under the streets was really impressive. The human waste removal system in evidence resembled our own!


Ephesus Ancient Ruins

P1040381.JPG P1040382.JPG P1040384.JPG P1040387.JPG P1040390.JPG P1040393.JPG P1040394.JPG P1040395.JPG P1040396.JPG P1040399.JPG P1040401.JPG P1040403.JPG P1040404.JPG P1040405.JPG P1040406.JPG P1040407.JPG P1040408.JPG P1040409.JPG P1040415.JPG P1040418.JPG P1040419.JPG

Istanbul, Turkey – 2nd Day 10/11/2014

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Last day in Istanbul, Turkey  10/11/2014

We went to the largest Catholic Church is Istanbul for morning Mass.  It is a Basilica – St. Anthony of Padua. This church was indeed beautiful. Pope John XXIII was known in Turkey as Turkey’s Pope since he had served many years as the pastor of this church in Istanbul. So some reason, our bus did not pick us up right away to take us to the Chorea Museum. This meant that we dropped going to the spice museum.

 Basilica – St. Anthony of Padua

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Chorea Museum


After Mass we headed to Chora Museum


Street shops had sections devoted to wedding dresses


Chora Museum - Ancient Christian Church with tons of mosiacs

P1040261.JPG P1040262.JPG P1040263.JPG P1040266.JPG P1040267.JPG P1040271.JPG P1040275.JPG P1040276.JPG P1040280.JPG P1040281.JPG P1040283.JPG P1040284.JPG P1040286.JPG

Leaving Istanbul

P1040293.JPG P1040298.JPG P1040299.JPG P1040300.JPG

Fishing on bridge near our ship on left

P1040308.JPG P1040311.JPG P1040312.JPG

tugs escorted our ship out of harbour

P1040314.JPG P1040318.JPG P1040319.JPG P1040320.JPG P1040322.JPG

Heading back to ship for 1 PM departure from Istanbul


Ruins were seen along our way

Istanbul, Turkey – 1st day 10/10/2014

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Our first day in Istanbul, Turkey was a full tour day. There were long lines everywhere we went.

We visited the Topkapi Imperial Palace, Hagia Sophia Church Museum, The Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar.

We had a Turkish lunch together before going to the Blue Mosque. This was a very tiring day and the stop for lunch was refreshing.

Topkapi Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace was changed into a museum. There was no sense of what the palace might have been like be there. There was an immense display of royal jewelry. The extensive grounds were impressive.


Arrival In Istanbul, Turkey


Waiting in line at Topkapi Imperial Palace

P1040069.JPG P1040070.JPG P1040072.JPG P1040073.JPG P1040074.JPG P1040081.JPG P1040084.JPG P1040086.JPG P1040087.JPG P1040089.JPG P1040091.JPG P1040097.JPG P1040098.JPG P1040101.JPG P1040102.JPG P1040103.JPG

Sophia Museum

The Sophia Church Museum is no longer used for religious services. The original Christian church goes back to 3rd century. It was destroyed and restored a number of times. It is filled with man, many mosaic paintings.


Headed out to Haggie Sophia

P1040108.JPG P1040109.JPG

Sophia Museum Entrance

P1040114.JPG P1040116.JPG P1040117.JPG P1040119.JPG P1040121.JPG P1040122.JPG P1040124.JPG P1040129.JPG P1040132.JPG P1040135.JPG

Milly enters second floor of Sophia Church Museum

P1040138.JPG P1040139.JPG P1040140.JPG P1040141.JPG P1040142.JPG P1040143.JPG P1040145.JPG P1040148.JPG

 The Blue Mosque

We had to wait in long lines to get into the Blue Mosque. There were services in the morning that excluded visitors so all the tourists seemed to show up at the same time. The women had to cover their heads so there were many vendors selling scarves although the mosque provided Milly with a head covering scarf.


We had a great turkish lunch here


Headed out to Blue Mosque

P1040157.JPG P1040158.JPG P1040159.JPG P1040166.JPG P1040168.JPG

Waiting in long lines


Milly dawns required headress

P1040172.JPG P1040174.JPG P1040175.JPG P1040176.JPG P1040177.JPG P1040178.JPG P1040180.JPG P1040181.JPG P1040184.JPG P1040185.JPG P1040186.JPG P1040190.JPG P1040191.JPG P1040193.JPG P1040195.JPG P1040196.JPG P1040199.JPG

Ancient Cistern below streets

P1040204.JPG P1040205.JPG P1040210.JPG P1040212.JPG

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar was truly an immense collection of covered “streets” of shops that seemed to fan out in all direction. There seem to be everything imaginable for sale.

P1040214.JPG P1040215.JPG P1040216.JPG P1040217.JPG P1040218.JPG P1040219.JPG P1040220.JPG P1040221.JPG P1040222.JPG P1040223.JPG P1040224.JPG P1040225.JPG P1040228.JPG P1040229.JPG P1040230.JPG P1040231.JPG P1040232.JPG P1040234.JPG P1040237.JPG

Entering the Grand Bazzar