Castell de Montjuïc – Barcelona 10/20/2014

On this beautiful Monday morning in Barcelona, we got a late start. This didn’t hurt our agenda much. We wanted to go to the Picasso Museum but we discovered it is closed on Mondays. We got on our Hop On/Off bus and headed for our 1st stop – Tibidabo hill. We discovered that the tram rides to get up the hill and all the attractions were closed in October except on weekends.

We visited Castell de Montjuïc on a hill high above the city. We took a cable car ride up to the top of the hill. The views of the city in all directions were fantastic. The tour of the Castle grounds gave us a quick peak into Spanish, French and catalan rivalries.

The Montjuïc hill section of the city seems like one big park. There were many Olympic functions held here. We found a whole side of the hill with cactus.

We got a 10 ride ticket on the metro system which we will use for the last two days in Madrid. We took the metro back to the B&B. We were impressed with the metro’s cleanliness and efficiency.

We had a full course dinner at a local hotel restaurant. It had been a very relaxing day.

Castell de Montjuïc & Barcelona Buildings

As we travelled on Hop On/Off bus, we did see more of Barcelona’s different building styles.


Gaudi roof from the bus

P1050068.JPG P1050069.JPG P1050070.JPG P1050071.JPG P1050072.JPG P1050073.JPG

Fountain at Plaça de Catalunya - main square in Barcelona

P1050077.JPG P1050078.JPG P1050079.JPG P1050080.JPG P1050081.JPG P1050082.JPG P1050085.JPG

Smoke stacks that may have been built by Milly's Grandfather!


beginning to see views as we climb Montjuïc hill

P1050092.JPG P1050093.JPG

In Cable car at Montjuïc


View from Cable car on Montjuïc

P1050113.JPG P1050116.JPG P1050119.JPG P1050120.JPG P1050121.JPG P1050122.JPG P1050123.JPG P1050124.JPG P1050125.JPG P1050126.JPG P1050127.JPG P1050128.JPG P1050131.JPG P1050132.JPG P1050133.JPG P1050134.JPG P1050135.JPG P1050137.JPG P1050138.JPG P1050140.JPG P1050141.JPG P1050145.JPG P1050146.JPG P1050147.JPG P1050149.JPG P1050151.JPG P1050159.JPG P1050160.JPG P1050162.JPG P1050163.JPG P1050164.JPG P1050167.JPG P1050169.JPG P1050170.JPG P1050178.JPG

Old Bull fighting arena


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