Castell de Montjuïc – Barcelona 10/20/2014

On this beautiful Monday morning in Barcelona, we got a late start. This didn’t hurt our agenda much. We wanted to go to the Picasso Museum but we discovered it is closed on Mondays. We got on our Hop On/Off bus and headed for our 1st stop – Tibidabo hill. We discovered that the tram rides to get up the hill and all the attractions were closed in October except on weekends.

We visited Castell de Montjuïc on a hill high above the city. We took a cable car ride up to the top of the hill. The views of the city in all directions were fantastic. The tour of the Castle grounds gave us a quick peak into Spanish, French and catalan rivalries.

The Montjuïc hill section of the city seems like one big park. There were many Olympic functions held here. We found a whole side of the hill with cactus.

We got a 10 ride ticket on the metro system which we will use for the last two days in Madrid. We took the metro back to the B&B. We were impressed with the metro’s cleanliness and efficiency.

We had a full course dinner at a local hotel restaurant. It had been a very relaxing day.

Castell de Montjuïc & Barcelona Buildings

As we travelled on Hop On/Off bus, we did see more of Barcelona’s different building styles.

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