Juneau – Mendenhall Glacier 6/21/2009

After Sunday Mass, we went into Juneau to book a trip to Tracey’s Arm and then headed back to see Mendenhall Glacier.

Fred had visited this glacier in April of 1996. This time he noticed there were many more icebergs in the lake below the glacier. The time of year must make a difference.

We were tired after our overnight ferry trip so our visit to Mendenhall Glacier this day was short and sweet.  The park ranger showed where we could put our kayaks into Mendenhall Lake to float with the icebergs. We may try to do this if the weather gets better. It’s pretty rainy.


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  • Bill Dunfey says:

    Kerry and I sit down to dinner and watch your escapades with awe. What a wonderful idea you had to go on this trip and putting it on line for all of us .
    love Bill

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