Columbia Glacier – Valdez July 5, 2009

We took  a 7 hour Stan Stevens wildlife/glacier tour to Columbia Glacier on July 5th.

Throught out the Valdez area there was a haze caused by smoke from several fires.  It got worse each day we were in Valdez. This tended to hurt the ability to fully capture scenary.

We saw humpback whales, sea lions, sea outers and eagles on our way to the Columbia Glacier.

The boat could only get about 10 miles from the Glacier. Ice bergs and solid ice choked the area in front of the Glacier. We also watched the Salmon fishing boats pull in their catch and a tender boat vacuum the catch from the nets.

We took a day off from all activity on July 6th. Tomorrow we are going to Blueberry Lake State Park about 20 miles away. We will visit Worthington Glacier. Then we plan to go to McCarthy in Wrangell-St Elias Park for 2 days.


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