VA Blue Ridge Pkwy & Skyline Dr To Rochester NY Oct 13-16, 2009

On Tuesday October 13th we dropped our camper off at the Trailmanor Factory in Lake City, Tennessee. We had an appointment to get maintenance and have certain repairs done. We went for a hike in state forest near the TVA’s Norris Dam and then did laundry. Trailmanor was done by 4 PM. We headed north on route 81. We stopped for the night at Walmart in Bristol, VA just across the Tennessee border.

In the morning, we drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway just east of Roanoke, VA and took the scenic drive north. The rain prevented us from seeing the complete beauty of the parkway drive. We continued onto Skyline Drive as we went into Shenandoah National Park. We camped overnight at Loft Mountain National Campground. The rain continued with a few snow flurries. The temperature dropped to 32 degrees as nightfall came. We kept out heater on all night for the 1st time on our trip!

In the morning a thick fog and rain greeted us. By the time we finished getting our camper ready for travel, we were soaked and cold.  We departed towards Harrisburg on our way to Rochester, NY to visit our Daughter, Colleen. It poured most of the day. At points, the rain changed to snow! We decided to stop overnight at a Walmart near Williamsport, PA. In the morning, we headed to northinto New York  with rainy and snowy weather.

As we approach the Rochester area, there is snow on the ground. We will most likely leave this area for Eastman Sunday morning.  We should be there by late Sunday night or Monday at the latest.


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