Stay in Cody, WY 7/12/2104

Buffalo Bill Museum, Cowboy Dinner Show and Rodeo

After a fairly long drive to Cody, WY from Custer State Park area of SD, we pulled into the local Walmart that allowed RV’s to park overnight. It ended up being our home for 2 nights. Thank you Walmart!

After dinner, a storm rolled in with extremely high winds that seemed to  rock our camper. We had been told that Cody can have high winds and we experienced them. Then it started to pour. We diced to postpone our trip to the Cody Night  Rodeo to the next night.

In the morning, we were about the first visitors to the Buffalo Bill Museum. This is a wonderful place! We spent most of the morning walking though the Buffalo Bill part. There is a huge sub museum devoted to firearms that we barely got the chance to quickly walk through. why? We were tired on being on our feet! We went back to the camper and Fred took a nap.

We booked reservations at a Cowboy Dinner Show combination that included admission to the Cody Night Rodeo. The food was served chuck wagon style all you could eat. The musician cowboys played quiet enthusiastically. It was very entertaining.

The Rodeo was fun! It was our second rodeo. We had attended one of the nights of the annual Tucson Rodeo last year.

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