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Whitehorse, Skagway, Watson Lake – Yukon 08/20-25/2009

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

On Thursday August 20th, we drove from Dawson City to Whitehorse. It was a fairly long drive in rainy/cloudy weather.  We noticed that our camper battery wasn’t charging when hooked to AC. This meant losing lights, heater and toilets when battery dies since these all operate on 12 v. Fred traced the problem to camper power converter box. We took camper to RV Repair shop. They told us that the Power Converter Box needed to be replaced but it would take 10 days to get the replacement to Whitehorse. They suggested getting at battery charger which we bought at Canadian Tire. 

On August 21 after RV Repair Shop visit, we drove down to Skagway, Alaska. It usually is a very scenic drive but it was raining most of the way. It got very foggy also as we came thru passes into Skagway. We stayed two nights in Skagway. The weather was so bad we passed on riding the White Pass Railroad. We would have stayed a 3rd night if the weather was going to change.

While in Skagway, we drove to Dyea, strolled the old town site and hiked up part of the chilkoot trail. We also attended a musical play,”The Days of 98 Show”. The male lead was Jonathan Baldwin who is married to Tegan  Towle from Grantham, NH. Tegan is daughter of Cynthia Towle, Grantham Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector. We introduced ourselves to Jonathan before the performance.

On Sunday August 23rd, we drove to Watson Lake, Yukon to the top of Cassiar Highway, which we plan on taking to Hyder/Stewart on way down to Vancouver. We attended a showing of Northern Lights at their planetarium. In the morning, it stopped raining and some blue sky showed. We decided to stay another day to dry out and enjoy the good weather. We took a hike around the local lakes. That night it started raining again.

We didn’t get any pictures in Skagway at all. We forgot our camera for trip to Dyea. Our next stop in Hyder, Alaska will be our goodbye to Alaska.