Start Camping at Banff, Alberta 05/26

It took about 2 hours to drive from Calgary to Banff. We are staying at the Mountain Tunnel Campground. After we set up our camper, we had lunch and went to the Banff Information Center. We discussed various possible kayaking and hiking locations as well as other activities at Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper with the park rangers. We found out that Lake Louise was still frozen as were the lakes north of there.

We decided to stay in Banff an extra day and limit our stay in Jasper to one night. Since the weather looked a bit threatening, we decided to take in the museums that were suggested by walking the village. The most intersting by far was the “Cave and Basin Historical Site”. This was the place where the sulfer hot springs were found that caused the creation of the first Canadian National Park here.

The pictures we are posting below show the views from the campsite that we were assigned. This was an unbeleiveably beautiful location from all sides. We are also showing views of the inside accomodations of our camper. Its small but sufficient for our needs. We feel blessed to be on this trip!

The weather did turn stormy by the time we got back to camp. We waited about 45 minutes and it was sunny. After we had dinner, the wind and rain came. We were told the weather was suppose to be good tomorrow. We’ll see.

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  • Diane Shagoury says:

    Hi Milly and Fred-
    I just joined you on your incredible journey today. is fabulous and your photos are incredible. Was that a raddlesnake? Did you see any glaciers in Glacier National Park? I know global warming has affected their size and I have seen before and after photos (MOS.)
    I will share this with my Dad who can relive his travels with my mom (cross country and to Alaska.)
    I can’t wait to see what is next!!

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