Unexpected Paddle – Banff 05/27

Fred’s plan for the morning called for us to paddle Johnson Lake, drive to Two Jacks Lake and the paddle up to Lake Minnewanka and then hike a trail before going back to camp for lunch. We took a scenic drive up to planned paddling areas. We decided to take the “short” paddle from Two Jakes Lake to Minnewanka. The wind was blowing fiercely toward Minnewanka.  As Fred got upstream, he discovered a dam blocking our passage. Now he knows what is like to be a frustrated salmon.

We decided to return back via other side of Two Jacks Lake to keep out of wind. As we got down the lake, we decided to continue to the end of the lake. There we found a wide stream. We went down the stream.  This trip down the steam was fantastic.

We failed to load water or food for this short paddle which turned out to be over 2 and a half hours.

We decided to hike around Johnson Lake when we got back from paddle.

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  • Gale Schmidt says:

    Fred and Milly-

    WOW!!! It looks like Heaven there. Thank you SO much for sharing this beauty and your enjoyment of it.

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