Afternoon Hike, Hot Springs and Bow Falls – Banff 05-27

After our unexpected paddle in the morning, we had a snack for lunch at Johnson Lake rather that the feast we  had planned back at our camper. We hiked around Johnson Lake. It was an interesting habitat. We got some great pictures of a squirrel, a couple of trout in a stream and a deer.

We were pretty much exhausted. Fred took an hour nap when we got back to the camper about 3 pm.

After a wake up call, we went to the Upper Banff Hot Springs to relax. Then, we visited the Bow River Falls area – very nice when out of wind.

Banff is a great visit. The village is quaint and upscale much like Edgertown or Aspen. Looks like shoppers would love it. We came during a shoulder season between Skiers and Summer tourists. There were people around but it wasn’t crowded. Mostly for tents, the camping at Two Jacks Lake Campground looked wonderfull. We really liked the Tunnel Mountain campground for campering.

Milly has defined camping for tents, RVing for motor homes and trailers and campering for in between rigs like ours.

Tommorrow morning we will go to Lake Louise.

We were just notified by Alaskan Ferry officials that our departure from Prince Rupert has been delayed from June 2nd to June 4th. They also adjusted our inside passage itinerary to reduce our stays in Ketchikan and Wrangell by a day each. I changed our camping reservations accordingly.    They asked if change was ok with us?  We understand that these ferry schedules are subject to change and do change quite a bit.  Yet, we didn’t expect shifts of days like this. Fortunately, this does impact picking  up our daughter, Kim,  at Ketchikan airport on June 5th. She is joining us for 3 weeks.

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